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Hosting optimized for WordPress

The world's most popular content management system (CMS) is WordPress. With us, you put your WordPress website when you want it to load quickly, have high uptime, support for a safe and stable operating environment and support that knows WordPress well.


We help you move your website without extra cost

The step to switch hosting can sometimes feel difficult and time consuming. Files, databases, emails must be moved, domains must be pointed out. To make it as easy as possible for you, our technicians will help you when you want to move to us.

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Hosting features

Reliable, Secure and Flexible Servers

At {strikespeed}, a lot is included in all our web hosting packages. Advanced technology that makes your website faster and more secure.

Multiple Domains and Unlimited Subdomains

Add as many domains and websites as you want to your account, as long as everything fits under your resources.


Receive email professionally at an unlimited number of email addresses on your domains. Access via webmail or in your favorite client.

Free SSL Certificate

Keep your websites secure with unlimited, free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt. Including wildcards.

Free Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare offers ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery over a global edge network. Reduce bandwidth costs, and take advantage of built-in unmetered DDoS protection.


Redis Object Cache is most often used for intermediate storage of your website, a so-called cache. In short, all the work needed for your website to be presented and downloaded directly from Redis is saved instead of being generated again.

Elastic Scaling

With Elastic Scaling, you do not have to upgrade to a new package or server just for peak traffic.