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What Exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a software system for publishing websites or blogs onto the internet. WordPress is the most popular website publishing system in the world today and 35% of the Internet (close to HALF A BILLION websites) is powered by WordPress sites. And the best part is that it is FREE!

WordPress is popular because it is easy to learn how to use it. It can be installed in 5 minutes and makes things easy because it automates many tedious tasks involved in web publishing.

WordPress offer a system where you can add what is called a “Plugin”. That is, with the click of a button, a small extra added to the core of WordPress that will give you the powers of big time websites. These Plugins, can be added and you will be able to very quickly ad new functionalities with them. You can set up an online store, have sliders, enhance security, make your site load faster, make it friendly to search engines etc…

Well, after installation (which we will cover in detail elsewhere), you will have your very own CMS (Content Management System, remember?!). That means that there is a Front end that visitors can see and a backend, or admin system where you log in, that only you can access and see, where you can create all pages, blogs posts, etc.

So once you get started you will find how easy it is to simply:

  1. First create a page
  2. Add some text,
  3. Format that text (make it big, bold and red for instance),
  4. Add a picture next to it,
  5. Hit “update” page and Voila! You know have a webpage to present to the world.
Anyone who wants it. From single bloggers to large corporations. You can make simpler one page websites for yourself or you can build a complex online shop for a large corporation if you want to.

Building larger, more difficult websites is fully possible without having to know too much of how coding and websites work.

However, do not fool yourself in believing WordPress will take care of all without any knowledge from your part. You still need to understand basic things on how to work with computers and websites. It is easy enough to learn fast and WordPress helps you along the way.

For more complex sites, you will still need to consult {strikespeed}. We will assist with your setup, and then teach you how to manage your website.
Here is the beauty of WordPress. It is FREE!

Well at least the WordPress CMS. So you can get it, install it and get going on your own without having to pay for it.

However, even though WordPress is very user friendly and you can learn the basics very fast, you might find that you need to spend a little money upgrading the functionality so that is fits your needs. Most needed things can be added for free (with Plugins), but sometimes you will run into a situation where you might want to consider buying some additional Plugins, or pay for some Web developer helping you out.

At {strikespeed} we offer our assistance in all WordPress matters (we are really good at it). You would not have to pay for the WordPress system itself, but if you want our help, we would have to come to an understanding, all depending on your needs and resources.

If you need our help, all you need to do is Contact Us!
Well WordPress is built so that it helps you deal with all the complicated coding stuff. You only need to be creative with the content. It gives you all the tools you need (create video galleries, crop images, add menus etc) in a very user friendly way.

Anyone can learn how to use WordPress in minutes.
Today many people talk about “Apps” for their phones. WordPress is not an app but will easily make your websites “Responsive”.

With a website being responsive, we mean that when someone looks at your website on a phone, it will resize and make sure all images and text line up on a smaller screen in a professional manner.

You do not have to worry about knowing how the code works, you simply have to figure out HOW you want things to look.

WordPress sites come with a database where it stores all information. If you want to build an App (which is not the same thing as a website) for phones, then you will be able to use that same information you have in your wordpress database to develop and present the same content in your App.
There are numerous tutorials online for this. We have our own too. However, we recommend an initial free consultation with the {strikespeed} staff, so we can give you recommendations on what you should do and where you should start. There are many factors to consider, such as:
  1. What are you planning to do with your website?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. What are your initial goals?
All that is important to figure out, before you start. We can then help you, step by step, to get your website up and going. Once you have WordPress figured out, you’ll soon find that you do not need our help anymore and can do most of it yourself. We will always be available for consultations and support to all our clients and will be happy to help you.

So CONTACT US and let’s get you going!

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