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Top ten most popular FAQs

Since being on top of all different coding in the world, we have focused our staff on more Web development based languages. We excel at PHP for server side coding and most client side (front end on the internet) languages today: HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript (i.e. JavaScript), TypScript and libraries such as Bootstrap, jQuery, Material Design and Vue.

For database coding we prefer to work with: MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL and SQLite.

So since we realized the huge growth of WordPress we decided to focus our efforts at becoming the best with all things WordPress.

But we also work with Joomla, Drupal and more customizable frameworks as Laravel and Symphony

Each client is different, as expectations vary. However we always strive on giving fast responses (we do after all have the word “speed” in our company name).

Let’s put it this way, you will not be disappointed.

Simply put, {strikespeed} Managed IT Services means we take care of your entire information technology requirement.

We manage all your hardware and software installation, technical support, and IT staffing needs.

It also means {strikespeed} acts as your go-to consultancy and support team, providing scheduled maintenance and upgrading of your systems, along with emergency assistance to keep your business up and running.


Depending on your needs we offer website hosting on top of our development services. We can do it all, from registering your domain, to setting up hosting, build your website, and then continue manage it with all updating and changed needed going forward.

Or you can just do hosting with us, no other questions asked!

When possible, have ready any information about your ideas or needs. The more information you can give at an early stage, the more cost effective it will be for setting up your website.

list what you would like to do in a general sense (build a blog, set up a store, have a corporate website etc), then perhaps give us an idea of what you like already (links perhaps to existing sites with features or design you like). Then think of who you want to reach (family only, wholesalers, women, teens, health care workers etc).

The more you know what you want, the faster we will be able to get you up and running.

We work on a project by project basis. Large or small, we analyze your needs, your budget and give you suggestion on how we will work. We can offer a package deal, an hour by hour service or come up with any other scenario that works for you.

We are flexible and have no set fees but we will require payment for our services eventually. We can’t pay our staff unless we also make a little bit of money.

No problem! We offer scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It comes down to resources, time and complexity.

If you need help, we can supply it. All you need to do is ask.

We have a whole page designated to that question! Just check out “All about WordPress“. To give you the start: WordPress is a software system for publishing websites or blogs onto the internet. WordPress is the most popular website publishing system in the world today and 35% of the Internet (close to HALF A BILLION  websites) is powered by WordPress sites. And the best part is that it is FREE!

Yes, very much so!

Our staff can help you set up your own cloud server at AWS (Amazon Web Server) very fast. We help you configure and set it up with all needed software and security.

We also offer Domain routing services through Cloudflare where we can help you manage all your domains and emails in a secure and clever way.

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